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  • POLL: Best Brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia?

    Which brigade was the best brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia? So, which brigade deserves that title?  I’m keeping the definition of “best” purposefully vague.  Use the criteria which you think define “best” to make one, and only one vote below.  I’ve got an agenda here, I’ll freely admit.  I want to see what […]

  • What Caused the Civil War? – TOCWOC Reader Poll

    Update: Welcome to those of you who have arrived via Twitter or StumbleUpon!  If you are interested in the Civil War, be sure to check out the Best of TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog for Civil War Book Reviews, information on Civil War wargames and Civil War magazines, and more interesting discussions like the […]

  • TOCWOC Reader Poll: What Is Your Gender?

    Here is a new gender poll as I recently promised in my age poll for TOCWOC readers.  So TOCWOC readers, are you male or female?  Will the readers of this blog fit the stereotype of being overwhelmingly male, or do we have some female readers as well?  The poll is below and in the left […]

  • TOCWOC Poll Results: How Old Are You?

    The “How Old Are You?” poll has been live for over a month at this point, and there are few surprises here.  I suspected that the stereotype of older people would hold true for the most part, and it has.  At the time I’m writing this, almost half of the poll’s participants are between the […]

  • TOCWOC Poll Results: What Type of Blog Entry Do You Enjoy Reading?

    As many of you have already noticed, I removed the recent poll asking what type of blog entries you enjoy from the left sidebar and replaced it with a new Age Poll.  It’s time now to look at the results of the blog entry poll.  First, let’s take a look at the final results: [poll […]

  • New TOCWOC Poll: How Old Are You?

    I’ve replaced the old poll in the left sidebar asking about the posts you enjoy reading (results and comments coming soon) with a new poll asking your age.  Why?  The stereotype is that those studying the Civil War are older males (gender poll coming soon), while those who do crazy newfangled things like read blogs […]

  • New TOCWOC Poll: What type of post(s) do you enjoy reading?

    I recently installed the WP-Polls WordPress plugin.  This plugin allows the posting of polls in both blog posts and in the sidebar.  In this case, I’ll be posting polls in the top left corner of the left sidebar and I will occasionally add a new one in blog entries like this one.  My first blog […]