Category: Political History

  • National Monument to Black Soldiers, Indian Citizenship

    President Trump has designated Camp Nelson in Kentucky as a national monument to honor the black volunteers who mustered there for service in the Union army. It also illustrates the limitations of the Emancipation Proclamation. According to the National Park Service, Camp Nelson, which is located just outside Nicholasville, began as supply depot and hospital […]

  • Desecrating The Dead

    The History Vandals are at it again. When all this started I predicted that it would not stop with the Confederate generals and it gives me no pleasure to be right. This time it’s a grave marker. The city council in Madison, Wisconsin, has voted to remove a marker with the names of Confederate prisoners […]

  • Silent Sam Falls to Vandals

    Silent Sam, the memorial on the UNC campus to the Confederate common soldier, fell to vandals yesterday. I’ve mentioned earlier that it has drawn protests but this time the mostly white mob was serious. In an action carried out with paramilitary precision masked thugs shrouded the statue with banners, tied ropes on it, and pulled it […]

  • Review: Southern Reconstruction by Philip Leigh

    Southern Reconstruction By Philip Leigh

  • Finding the Clotilda, America’s Last Slave Ship

    Led by a local reporter, archeologists think they may have found the wreck of the Clotilda, the last ship reasonably documented as transporting slaves to North America. What’s left of the ship lies partially buried in mud alongside an island in the lower Mobile-Tensaw Delta, a few miles north of the city of Mobile. The […]

  • General Lee’s Revenge and Other Tales of Modern Madness

    General Lee, never one to be counted out when the chips are down, exercised his demonic powers to crash the crane coming to take him down in Dallas. Who knows what’s next. Crop failures? Hurricanes? His powers are vast and nefarious. Seriously, it does seem like we’re seeing a re-primitivization of the West. Once long […]

  • Take ’em Down!

    The takedown madness continues, and seems to be spreading like an old-fashioned plague. But first let’s take a glance at New Orleans, just lately freed from the oppressive grip of Confederate statues. Even without a hurricane or a really big storm, the city is flooding. Seems that the pumping stations aren’t working, a bad situation […]