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  1. Kevin Avatar

    How can I purchase the Rebels and Redboats mod or game.I have Take Command 2nd Manassas but where I live we do not have fast download so I can,t download the mod.

  2. admin Avatar


    The game is free of charge, but the only catch is that you have to download it. If you do not have a fast internet connection, I would recommend posting a request on the Mad Minute Games forums asking for someone with a fast internet connection to burn you a copy of the mod onto a CD or DVD and mail it to you. If you are unfamiliar with that site, it is:

  3. Kevin Avatar

    Sorry for late delay in response. I was out of town for awhile. I will try your suggestion.

  4. MKJ Avatar

    Your mods are great. My original problem not installing it was I wasnt placing it in the right place. But now it works and they are awsome. I thank all of you who make these.

  5. David Avatar

    Thank You Everyone for the time and effort you have put into these maps, I thoroughly enjoy them.

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