Davinci’s Cemetery Hill Map v3.5

NOTE: For help with this mod, refer to the proper MMG forum thread as linked to below (coming soon).

Mod Name: Cemetery Hill Map v3.5 – Davinci’s recreation of Cemetary Hill at Gettysburg.

Last Updated: added on May 24, 2008

Author: Davinci

Files to Download:

  1. GB_CemeteryHill.rar

Readme File:

GB_CemeteryHill Version 3.5

Installation Instructions:

Right Click Maps folder

Click Open
Click Edit
Click Select All
Click Edit
Click Copy to Folder

Expand the plus sign on the C:\Drive (Click the Plus Sign)

Locate your Copy of TC2M – and expand it so that the Maps Folder is visible.

Click on the Maps-folder

Click Copy

If you have any problems, please refer to the Forums:



One response to “Davinci’s Cemetery Hill Map v3.5”

  1. D. Whetzel Avatar
    D. Whetzel

    I downloaded many files & placed them in T C2M. However, I can’t get them to work. M y platform is Vista, & the instructions give some different steps than those I can Access. For example “select all” is easy enough, but “edit” doesn’t appear anywhere. No mods appear in the TC2M custom screen. What have I missed?

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