Take Command 2nd Manassas Maps

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4 responses to “Take Command 2nd Manassas Maps”

  1. rvc Avatar

    New site looks great. Small suggestion regarding mods, etc. would it be too difficult to have dates they were made available? I simply cannot remember which ones I have when I look up possible new entries. Thanks for the new site.

  2. admin Avatar


    Thanks! I wanted to include dates, but the old style tables I used way back when are too wide to fit in my new format. I may slowly go back over these and add dates. Initially, my plan was to offer these older (pre-February 2007) files as-is and concentrate on adding new files.


  3. drhet58 Avatar

    I’m in the same wagon train as rvc with regards to possible release dates. Someday when I have time (i.e. Not on MMG forums or playing the game) I’m gonna try to write down what I’ve got so I can tell whether or not to dl a mod. Till then, oh well! Good site idea by the way!

  4. John Avatar

    Anyone still play this? I’m needing help with a couple of mod files but the main forum is down. Thanks!

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