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  • New To Appomattox Blog Launched (Mini-Series)

    J.D. Petruzzi just posted about a new Civil War blog called To Appomattox.  It’s maintained by Greg Caggiano and Steven Hancock.  The most exciting news for me personally about this project?  Dexter’s Michael C. Hall is cast as Ulysses S. Grant.  Anybody who can convincingly play both a gay funeral parlor director and a blood […]

  • New Civil War Blog: Thoughts, Essays, and Musings on the Civil War

    I recently discovered a new Civil War blog via Google Reader entitled Thoughts, Essays, and Musings on the Civil War.  Blog founder “Bob” is a Civil War historian out of St. Louis, Missouri.  He has had several articles published in Civil War magazines and reviews books for Michigan State University’s H-Net website.  Check out Bob’s […]

  • New Civil War Blog: Ohio at Perryville

    I recently discovered a new Civil War blog covering the contributions of Ohio units at the Battle of Perryville called, appropriately enough, Ohio at Perryville.  Blog owner Darryl Smith describes the purpose of Ohio at Perryville as follows: As the title indicates, this blog is about the participation of Ohio troops at the Battle of […]

  • Five New Civil War Blogs Added to the TOCWOC Blogroll

    In my months away from posting, I’ve also neglected some of the new Civil War blogs which have appeared in the interim.  I apologize to each of these bloggers, one of whom happens to be past TOCWOC contributor Jim Lamason.  The five Civil War blogs mentioned below have all been added to the TOCWOC blogroll […]

  • Mannie Gentile’s Toy Soldiers Blog

    Although I’ve never had the free time or excess cash to get into toy soldiers, I’ve always been fascinated by the topic.  Hat tip to Scott Mingus over at Charge! Civil War wargaming & news for pointing out fellow Civil War blogger Mannie Gentile’s (somewhat) new blog Toy Soldiers Forever.  Mannie posts on the 1st […]

  • New Civil War Blog Focusing on Women

    Many of you are familiar with Maggie’s Civil War Women blog. Well, now Maggie has company. Marny’s new Civil War blog Women of the Civil War debuted on Friday, June 13th. Let’s hope that’s not an ill omen! 😉 As I usually do in these circumstances, I’ll let Marny do her own talking by reprinting […]

  • New Civil War Blog

    I was making the round of the Civil War blogosphere this evening when I stumbled on Brian Downey’s mention of Steven Mynes’ new Civil War blog Civil War Battles and Battlefields. Steven says, “I have been studying the Civil War and touring battlefields for over 20 years” in the About Me section of his new […]