New Civil War Blog Focusing on Women

Many of you are familiar with Maggie’s Civil War Women blog. Well, now Maggie has company. Marny’s new Civil War blog Women of the Civil War debuted on Friday, June 13th. Let’s hope that’s not an ill omen! 😉 As I usually do in these circumstances, I’ll let Marny do her own talking by reprinting her introductory post below:

Starting a blog on Friday the 13th is probably not a good idea, depending on how superstitious one is, but I risk it. Maybe it is a good omen. I don’t like writing introductions so I’m going to cheat by saying that I’ll be blogging about the women of the Civil War era (you’d never guessed that reading the title of the blog, right?).

Welcome to the Civil War blogosphere Marny and good luck with your new blog! I look forward to reading and I’ve linked to Women of the Civil War over in the links to the right.





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  1. Marny Avatar

    Thank you for the nice welcome, Brett! I’m looking forward to writing about the women of the Civil War era (and reading the TOCWOC blog, of course).

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