New To Appomattox Blog Launched (Mini-Series)

J.D. Petruzzi just posted about a new Civil War blog called To Appomattox.  It’s maintained by Greg Caggiano and Steven Hancock.  The most exciting news for me personally about this project?  Dexter’s Michael C. Hall is cast as Ulysses S. Grant.  Anybody who can convincingly play both a gay funeral parlor director and a blood spatter expert/serial killer is a great actor.  This series looks extremely exciting for Civil war buffs.  Follow along with the writers as we get closer to the show’s expected 2013 premiere.

UPDATE: The series will NOT be on HBO per J.D.’s update below.  Stay tuned for more details.


3 responses to “New To Appomattox Blog Launched (Mini-Series)”

  1. J David Petruzzi Avatar

    Hi Brett,
    Just a couple corrections – the network is NOT HBO. The actual network is in negotiations right now (the exact one is not public yet) but is will not be HBO.
    Also, Greg and Steven do not write for the series. The series was scripted by Michael Frost Beckner.
    Thanks Brett!

    1. Brett Schulte Avatar


      Thanks! I’ll make a note of that with a short update above.


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