New Civil War Blog: Ohio at Perryville

I recently discovered a new Civil War blog covering the contributions of Ohio units at the Battle of Perryville called, appropriately enough, Ohio at PerryvilleBlog owner Darryl Smith describes the purpose of Ohio at Perryville as follows:

As the title indicates, this blog is about the participation of Ohio troops at the Battle of Perryville, which was fought in Kentucky on October 8, 1862. Perryville was the largest battle in the Bluegrass State, and some have called it the Gettysburg of the west as Braxton Bragg’s Confederate forces, while winning the tactical fight, lost their ability to control Kentucky. (there are those who call Gettysburg the Perryville of the east, but I think that might be a bit of a stretch)

My primary goal of this blog is to provide a place for Buckeyes (and others who are so inclined) to discuss the role that soldiers from the Buckeye State had in the Perryville campaign. My secondary goal is to bring more public awareness to one of the most remarkable battlefields of the Civil War, a battlefield that has changed little since that dry autumn of 1862. And my ultimate goal (or dream) is to create a monument or additional interpretive signage on the battlefield itself that deals with the Ohio boys in blue. Michigan has a Michigan at Perryville marker, and they had very little participation in the actual battle. Ohio, which provided the most troops from any one state to Buell’s Army of the Ohio, has none.

Posts will be sporadic, depending on the amount of interest readers of this blog show. I, like many, am an amateur historian with a good grasp of the Civil War, and the battle of Perryville in particular. I look forward to achieving the goals set above and hope you will support these efforts.

Go check out Ohio at Perryville when you get a chance.  I’ve added a link to the Civil War blogroll as well.





3 responses to “New Civil War Blog: Ohio at Perryville”

  1. Darryl Smith Avatar

    Thank you kindly for the free PR! I stumbled across your blog one day a few weeks ago and rather enjoy it. Good to see your interest in the ACW still carries on, I enjoyed your time as editor of The Zouave. Looks like you have carried some of that same passion here.

    Thanks again!

  2. admin Avatar


    You’re welcome!

    I think you might have me mixed up with someone else. I’ve never been the editor of Zouave, though my Civil War Magzines and Journals Index does show back issues. I founded the American Civil War Gaming and Reading Blog back in 2005 and I moved on to found TOCWOC in late 2007.

    Brett Schulte

  3. Darryl Smith Avatar

    Hi Brett,

    Mea Culpa! I must have my names mixed up, might have been a Brett Schulze then.

    And again, thanks for the PR!

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