Five New Civil War Blogs Added to the TOCWOC Blogroll

In my months away from posting, I’ve also neglected some of the new Civil War blogs which have appeared in the interim.  I apologize to each of these bloggers, one of whom happens to be past TOCWOC contributor Jim Lamason.  The five Civil War blogs mentioned below have all been added to the TOCWOC blogroll over on the right hand side of the page.  I encourage you to check each blog out and make sure you leave comments!

Weirding the War –

The 7th Rhode Island Volunteers –

Thoughts of a Native Son of New Jersey –

This Mighty Scourge –

South From the North Woods –

Welcome all of you to Civil War blogging!

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2 responses to “Five New Civil War Blogs Added to the TOCWOC Blogroll”

  1. Jim Rosebrock Avatar

    Thanks so much for mentioning my new blog, South From the North Woods. I hope everyone out there finds my blog interesting. I welcome all your comments and feedback.


  2. admin Avatar


    You’re welcome!

    I look forward to reading!


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