Regimental Level Orders of Battle: The Seven Days OOB

Seven Days Order of Battle

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Source: Leon Tenney’s Master’s Thesis, George Mason University (1992)

I’ve also added my partial research on OOBs for Yorktown and Seven Pines. These are based on numerous sources and were compiled over the course of several years. Feel free to use the data in any way you see fit.


8 responses to “Regimental Level Orders of Battle: The Seven Days OOB”

  1. Dave Gruenbaum Avatar
    Dave Gruenbaum

    thank you for your work on this – i am working on a Seven Days campaign using the GMT GLORY system & i will reference your research and numbers for a common baseline for unit values.

    1. Brett Schulte Avatar


      You’re very welcome. I had intended to do this for many, many other battles and real life got in the way. I’ve since moved on to the Siege of Petersburg.


  2. Julian Roche Avatar

    Hi Brett

    This is great stuff, many thanks. We’re about to refight Fair Oaks using Fire and Fury,. The wiki entry has the units, but not their strengths, so your OOB for Seven Pines will be absolutely ideal. Best, Julian

  3. Thomas Avatar

    I can’t thank you enough for your hard work on this
    I’m about to embark on this challenge to create a tactical level game of the 1862 Peninsula Campaign.
    If my project gets full publication, I will be sure to include you in a special very important resource part

    Regards, Thomas

    1. Brett Schulte Avatar


      You’re welcome. I’d appreciate you mentioning a link to the OOBs, and if you’re so inclined, a link to my latest work, The Siege of Petersburg Online:


      1. Allen Dickerson Avatar
        Allen Dickerson

        We will cite this page in our Bibliography for the project Thomas and I are embarking on!! As Thomas said, Many thanks!!!

  4. Thomas Avatar

    For Sure Brett
    I the page bookmarked

    Thank you Again
    I’m having a ball with this information

  5. Billy R Leon Avatar
    Billy R Leon

    Hi Brett,

    This is awesome stuff, it is a great asset to a researcher like myself. Thank you so much for all your hard work. If anybody is interested in casualty figures at the brigade and regimental levels I have some of them for Shiloh.

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