Regimental Level Orders of Battle: Gettysburg OOB

Gettysburg Order of Battle

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Source: Gettysburg 1863 by Carl Smith
(Osprey Publishing Ltd., 1998)


2 responses to “Regimental Level Orders of Battle: Gettysburg OOB”

  1. Dennis Norton Avatar
    Dennis Norton

    Congratulations for including 3rd Battalion Sharpshooters in McLaw’s Division, Wofford’s Brigade at Gettysburg. Even the plaques at Gettysburg don’t include them.

    1. Brett Schulte Avatar


      If I remember correctly I pulled the OOB from an Osprey book because they gave me permission to republish their OOB. Do you have any details on why they aren’t “officially” included at the park? I’m sure there is a good story there.


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