Regimental Level Orders of Battle: Perryville OOB

Perryville Order of Battle

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Source: Perryville by Kenneth Noe (University Press of Kentucky, 2001)


Union Army of the Ohio (MG Don Carlos Buell)

(MG George H. Thomas)

Buell’s Escort ?
Anderson’s Troop, PA Cavalry ?
4th U.S. Cavalry (cos. B,C,D,G,I,K) ?

I Corps (MG Alexander McDowell McCook)

3rd Division (BG Lovell H. Rousseau) 7544

9th Brigade (Col. Leonard A. Harris) 2250
38th IN 436
2nd OH 460
33rd OH 388
94th OH 500
10th WI 376
5th Btty, IN Lt. Arty. (Capt. P. Simonson) 90 2X6#,2X12#,2X3.8in Rifles

17th Brigade (Col. William H. Lytle) 2580
42nd IN 490
88th IN 434
15th KY 517
3rd OH 500
10th OH 528
1st Btty, MI Lt. Arty (Capt. C.O. Loomis) 111 6 Parrott Rifles

28th Brigade (Col. John C. Starkweather) 2514
24th IL 400
79th PA 420
1st WI 407
21st WI 1007
4th Btty, IN Lt. Arty (Capt. A.K. Bush) 140 2X6#,2X12#,2X3.8in Rifles
Btty A, KY Lt. Arty (Capt. D.C. Stone) 140 2X6#,2XParrott Rifles,2X3.8in Rifles

Unattached ?
2nd KY Cavalry ?
1st MI Engineers and Mechanics (cos. A,C,K) ?

10th Division (BG James S. Jackson) 5577

33rd Brigade (BG William R. Terrill) 2406
Garrard’s Detachment 194
7th KY (1 co.) above
32nd Ky (1 co.) above
3rd TN (1 co.) above
80th IL 659
123rd IL 772
105th OH 645
Lt. C.C. Parson’s (Improvised) Battery 136 7X12#,1 Parrott Rifle

34th Brigade (Col. George Webster) 3171
80th IN 738
50th OH 655
98th OH 822
121st OH 814
19th Btty, IN Lt. Arty (Capt. S.J. Harris) 142 4X12#,2X3in Rifles

II Corps (MG Thomas L. Crittenden) 20000

4th Division (BG William Sooy Smith) 5973

10th Brigade (Col. William Grose) 2152
84th IL 800
36th IN ?
23rd KY ?
6th OH ?
24th OH ?
Btty H, 4th U.S. Arty (Lt. S. Canby) ? 4X12#,2 Parrott Rifles
Btty M, 4th U.S. Arty (2 sections) (Capt. J. Mendenhall) ? 2X12#,2X24#

19th Brigade (Col. William B. Hazen) 2350
110th IL ?
9th IN ?
6th KY ?
27th KY ?
41st OH ?
Btty F, 1st OH Lt. Arty (Capt. D.T. Cockerill) ? 6X12#,5X3.8in Rifles

22nd Brigade (BG Charles Cruft) 1471
31st IN ?
1st KY ?
2nd KY ?
20th KY ?
90th OH ?
Btty B, 1st OH Lt. Arty (Capt. W.E. Standart) ? 2X6#,4X3.8in Rifles

Cavalry ?
2nd Ky Cavalry (4 cos.) ?

5th Division (BG Horatio P. Van Cleve) 5517

11th Brigade (Col. Samuel Beatty) 1815
79th IN ?
9th KY ?
13th KY ?
19th OH ?
59th OH ?
7th Btty, IN Lt. Arty (Capt. G. Swallow) ? 2X12#,4 Parrott Rifles

14th Brigade (Col. Pierce B. Hawkins) 1518
44th IN ?
86th IN ?
11th KY ?
26th KY ?
13th OH ?
Btty B, 26th PA Lt. Arty (Lt. A. Stevens) ? 6X6#

23rd Brigade (Col. Stanley Matthews) 2184
35th IN ?
8th KY ?
21st KY ?
51st OH ?
99th OH ?
3rd Btty, WI Lt. Arty (Capt. L. Drury) ? 2X12#,4 Parrott Rifles

6th Division (BG Thomas J. Wood) 6256

15th Brigade (BG Milo S. Hascall) 2399
100th IL 298
17th IN ?
58th IN ?
3rd KY ?
26th OH ?
8th Btty, IN Lt. Arty (Lt. G. Estep) ? 4X6#,2X12#

20th Brigade (Col. Charles G. Harker) 1883
51st IN ?
73rd IN ?
13th MI ?
64th OH ?
65th OH ?
6th Btty, OH Lt. Arty (Capt. C. Bradley) ? 2X12#,4 Parrott Rifles

21st Brigade (Col. George D. Wagner) 1974
15th IN ?
40th IN ?
57th IN ?
24th KY ?
97th OH ?
10th Btty, IN Lt. Arty (Capt. J.B. Cox) ? 2X12#,4 Parrott Rifles

1st Cavalry Brigade (Col. Edward D. McCook) 2000
2nd IN Cavalry ?
1st KY Cavalry ?
3rd KY Cavalry ?
7th PA Cavalry (1st Battalion) 130
Btty M, 4th U.S. Lt. Arty (1 section) (Lt. H.A. Huntington) ? 2X12#

Unattached ?
1st MI Engineers and Mechanics (cos. B,E,I,K) ?
1st OH Cavalry (4 cos.) ?
3rd OH Cavalry (4 cos.) ?

III Corps (BG (“acting” MG) Charles C. Gilbert 22000

1st Division (BG Albin Schoepf) 7760

1st Brigade (Col. Moses B. Walker) 2326
82nd IN ?
12th KY ?
17th OH ?
31st OH ?
38th OH ?
Btty D, 1st MI Lt. Arty ? 2X12#,2X3,8in Rifles

2nd Brigade (BG Speed S. Fry) 2391
10th IN ?
74th IN ?
4th KY ?
10th KY ?
14th OH ?
Btty C, 1st OH Lt. Arty (Capt. D.K. Southwick) ? 2X12#,4X3.8in Rifles

3rd Brigade (BG James B. Steedman) 3043
87th IN 3043
2nd MN 3043
9th OH 3043
35th OH 3043
18th U.S. 3043
Btty I, 4th U.S. Lt. Arty (Lt. F.G. Smith) 3043 4X12#

Unattached ?
1st OH Cavalry (6 cos.) ?

9th Division (BG Robert D. Mitchell) ?

13th Brigade (Col. Michael Gooding) 1423
59th IL 325
74th IL ?
75th IL 730
22nd IN 300
5th Btty, WI Lt. Arty (Capt. O.F. Pinney) 68 4X12#,2 Parrott Rifles

31st Brigade (Col. William P. Carlin) ?
21st IL ?
38th IL ?
101st OH ?
15th WI ?
2nd MN Btty (2 sections) (Lt. R.L. Dawley) ? 4X12#

32nd Brigade (Col. William C. Caldwell) ?
25th IL ?
35th IL ?
81st IN ?
8th KS Battalion ?
8th Btty, WI Lt. Arty (Capt. S.J. Carpenter) ? 2X12#,4X3in Rifles

Cavalry ?
36th IL Cavalry (Co. B) ?

11th Division (BG Philip H. Sheridan) ?

35th Brigade (Lt. Col. Bernard Laiboldt) ?
44th IL 290
73rd IL ?
2nd MO ?
15th MO ?

36th Brigade (Col. Daniel McCook) ?
85th IL ?
86th IL 460
125th IL ?
52nd OH ?

37th Brigade (Col. Nicholas Greusel) ?
36th IL ?
88th IL ?
21st MI 900
24th WI 1024

Artillery ?
Btty I, 2nd IL Lt. Arty (Capt. C.M. Barnett) ? 2X12#,2 Parrott Rifles,2X3.8in Rifles
Btty G, 1st MO Lt. Arty (Capt. H. Hescock) ? 4X12#,2 Parrott Rifles

3rd Cavalry Brigade (Capt. “acting BG” Ebenezer Gay) 1700
9th KY Cavalry (cos. A,B,D,F,H,I,K,M) 760
2nd MI Cavalry 300
9th PA Cavalry 600
2nd Btty, MN Lt. Arty (1 section) (Capt. W.A. Hotchkiss) 40 2X12#


Confederate Army of the Mississippi (Gen. Braxton Bragg)
16800 (approximate)

Bragg’s Escort ?
3rd TN Cavalry (4 cos.) ?
13th TN Cav. Battalion Co. I) ?

Right Wing (MG Leonidas Polk) 7349

Cheatham’s Division (MG Benjamin F. Cheatam) 6549

Donelson’s Brigade (BG Daniel S. Donelson) 1429
8th TN 436
15th TN ?
16th TN 370
38th TN ?
51st TN ?
Capt. Wiliam W. Carnes’s TN Btty. ? 4X6#

Stewart’s Brigade (BG Alexander P. Srewart) 1466
4th Tn 170
5th TN ?
24th TN 375
31st TN ?
33rd TN ?
Capt. T.J. Stanford’s MS Btty. 112 4X3in Rifles

Maney’s Brigade (BG George Maney) 1927
41st GA 520
1st TN 400
6th TN 314
9th TN 378
27th TN 210
Capt. M. Smith’s MS Btty. 105 2X6#,2X12#

Smith’s Brigade (BG Preston Smith) 1727
12th TN ?
13th TN ?
47th TN ?
154th TN Senior ?
9th TX ?
Capt. W.L. Scott’s TN Btty. 85 2X6#,2X12#

Wharton’s Cavalry Brigade (Col. John A. Wharton) 800
2nd GA Cavalry (5 cos.) ?
1st KY Cavalry (cos. C,D,I,K) ?
4th TN Cavalry (5 cos.) ?
Davis’ TN Cavalry Battalion (4 cos.) ?
8th TX Cavalry ?

Left Wing (MG William J. Hardee) 9451

Anderson’s Division (BG J. Patton Anderson) ?

Brown’s Brigade (BG John C. Brown) ?
1st FL ?
3rd FL 247
41st MS 427
Btty. A, 14th Battalion, Georgia Light Arty. (Capt. Palmer) 125 2X6#,2X12#

Adams’s Brigade (BG Daniel W. Adams) 1920
13th LA 328
14th Battalion, LA Sharpshooters 150
16th LA 422
20th LA 360
25th LA 510
5th Co., Washington Arty. (Capt. Slocumb) 150 2X6#,2X12#,2X3,3in Rifles

Powell’s Brigade (Col. Samuel Powell) ?
45th AL 600
1st AR ?
24th MS ?
29th TN ?
Capt. Barret’s MO Btty. ? 2X6#,2X12#

Jones’s Brigade (Col. Thomas M. Jones) ?
27th MS 350
30th MS ?
34th MS 300
Btty. F, 2nd AL Lt. Arty. (Capt. Lumsden) 125 4X12#

Buckner’s Division (MG Simon Bolivar Buckner) ?

Kliddell’s Brigade (BG St. John R. Liddell) ?
2nd AR ?
5th AR ?
6th AR ?
7th AR 300
8th AR ?
Capt. C. Swett’s MS Btty. (Lt. T. Havern) 70 6X6#,2X12#

Cleburne’s Brigade (BG. Patrick R. Cleburne) 900
13th/15th AR ?
2nd TN 188
35th TN 270
48th TN 250
Lt. T.J. Key’s Section, Calvert’s AR Btty. ? 2X12#

Johnson’s Brigade (BG Bushrod R. Johnson) 1540
5th Confederate 240
17th TN 200
23rd TN 201
25th TN 375
37th TN 230
44th TN 229
Capt. P. Darden’s MS Btty. 65 2X6#,2X12#

Wood’s Brigade (BG Sterlin A.M. Wood) ?
16th AL 600
33rd AL 380
3rd Confederate ?
3rd GA Cavalry (cos. G,F) ?
15th Battalion MS Sharpshooters 57
32nd MS ?
45th MS ?
Capt. H.C. Semple’s AL Btty. 109 4X12#,2X3.8in Rifles

Wheeler’s Cavalry Brigade (Col. Joseph Wheeler) ?
1st AL Cavalry 558
3rd AL Cavalry ?
6th Confederate Cavalry 575
8th Confederate Cavalry ?
2nd GA Cavalry Battalion ?
Smith’s GA Cavalry Battalion ?
1st KY Cavalry (cos. A,B,E,F,H) ?
6th KY Cavalry (cos. A,B,D) ?
9th TN Cavalry ?
12th TN Cavalry Battalion (4 cos.) ?
Lt. S.G. Hanley’s Section, Calvert’s AR Btty. ? 2X6#


3 responses to “Regimental Level Orders of Battle: Perryville OOB”

  1. David Williamson Avatar

    Regarding your OOB at Perryville, Wood’s Brigade was commanded by Brig. Gen. Sterling Alexander Martin Wood, commonly referred to as “Sam Wood.”

    At Perryville, Wood’s brigade consisted of the 16th AL, the 32nd MS, the 44th TN, Hardcastle’s 33rd MS, and Baxter’s Battery. Hardcastle’s 33rd MS was formed out of the old 3rd MS BN when three companies, two from the 27th AL and one from Mississippi, were added after Shiloh, which raised the unit to regimental status.

    They were the 33rd MS only at Perryville and were designated the 45th MS when it was discovered that Hurst’s 33rd MS already existed.

    This is all discussed in some detail in my book, “The Third Battalion Mississippi Infantry and the 45th Mississippi Regiment: A Civil War History, ” published by McFarland Publishing Co.

    David Williamson

    1. admin Avatar


      Thanks for the info. These Orders of Battle are copied directly from books on the battles. You might want to take this one up with Ken Noe.


  2. David Williamson Avatar


    I would like to correct an error I made in the OOB for S.A.M. Wood’s Brigade at Perryville. The regiments I listed on 24 September 2009 pertain to the June 1862 organization of Bragg’s army, not to their organization at Perryville.

    In Bragg’s later reorganization of forces for the Kentucky Campaign, S.A.M. Wood’s brigade consisted of: the 16th and 33rd Alabama, the 3rd Confederate, the 32nd MS, Hardcastle’s 33rd Mississippi, Hawkin’s 15th MS BN Sharpshooters, and Semple’s Alabama Battery.

    (Perhaps a note for your readers who are particularly interested in S.A.M. Wood’s Brigade. Capt. A.T. Hawkins led a company of pioneers/sharpshooters drawn from Wood’s Brigade during the march to Kentucky and at the Battle of Perryville, but he did not officially command a battalion until December 1862 when a second company, also drawn from Wood’s brigade, was added to his command and it officially became Hawkins’ 15th MS BN Sharpshooters.)

    David Williamson

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