Regimental Level Orders of Battle: Second Bull Run OOB

Second Bull Run (Manassas) Order of Battle

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Source: John Owen Allen’s Master’s Thesis, George Mason University (1993)

Note: Allen’s Thesis only concentrated on men Present for Duty (PFD) in each unit on the dates given. The columns to the right of that dealing with artillery were my own attempt to find sources for the number and types of artillery tubes the various batteries had throughout the campaign. Sources are noted in comments in each cell. If you hover your mouse over each cell you’ll see where the information came from. I made no effort to verify the information, and I have my doubts about the Osprey artillery numbers and types.


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  1. Mike Avatar

    Thanks for the information. I recently retired and one of the things I am doing now is working as a volunteer for the National Park Service at the Manassas National Battlefield. Although I was a history major in college, Civil War was not my field of study. But now that I am at Manassas I am trying to learn as much as possible so I can discuss the 2 battles intelligently with visitors. The information you have provided is very helpful and informative.

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