EXCELLENT Service at Civil War Times

As someone who subscribes to and collects many Civil War magazines, I had a pretty crappy experience today at the local Post Office.  The postal employee thought it was a good idea to shove the envelope containing my latest issue of Civil War History into a U shape in my rather small mailbox.  That wasn’t the worst part.  My Civil War Times was also shoved into that space and was ripped to shreds.  To add insult to injury, te postal employee thought it was a good idea to write “Address Correction Needed” in pen on my subscription area of the magazine.  I emailed Civil War Times about the issue and literally within minutes editor Dana Shoaf had emailed me and promised a replacement issue.  Thank you Dana!  Civil War Times has gotten better and better under Mr. Shoaf’s direction, and with the untimely demise(?) of North & South, Civil War Times is giving Blue & Gray a run for its money as my personal favorite.  Keep up the good work Mr. Shoaf!

I suppose since I’m mentioning Civil War Magazines now is also a good time to let TOCWOC readers know about the brand new American Civil War Magazines and Journals Index.  The old version of that site has been rolled into TOCWOC.  The idea is to have a page for every issue of every Civil War magazine out there.  Each page contains an image of the cover, a link back to the magazine’s web site, number of pages, an index, and at times (when I’ve read them) a short summary of articles and regular columns.  I realize this is an ambitious project, but I have planned this to be a long term commitment from the start.  On the front page of the American Civil War Magazines and Journals Index, you can see just which volumes of which magazines I’ve already completed.  If you have a lot of back issues of Civil War magazines and you want to help, feel free to use the Contact Us link at the top of this page and let me know which magazines you are interested in transcribing the indexes of.  Full credit will be given on the page of each and every magazine issue you help with.  I hope TOCWOC readers will find the index useful when they want to search for a topic throughout those pages.  Obviously the more issues I get entered the more useful the Index will be.  I’ll have more on this in a future blog entry.

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