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  • Civil War Magazine Review: Civil War Navy: The Magazine

    McQuarrie, Gary & Williams, Charles (eds.). Civil War Navy: The Magazine. (CSA Media, LLC). 64 pages, images, maps, notes.  ISSN: 978-1-61121-216-7. 1 year (4 issues): $24.99; 2 years (8 issues): $45.99 Fans of the naval portion of the American Civil War have a solid alternative to the many Civil War magazines out on the market […]

  • Civil War News goes away…but maybe not

    I had received a backchannel warning in December, but the latest issue of Civil War News made it official—January is the last one. Got those unfamiliar with it, CWN comes out monthly in newspaper format and features articles on current CW issues like re-enactments, historical issues and celebrations, and other current issues. As such it […]

  • Civil War Times: Vol. 53, No. 3 (June 2014)

    [TOCWOC Editor’s Note: I’ve decided to again go through the latest issues of Civil War magazines I subscribe to and comment on articles which interest me.  In the interest of protecting what seems to be my ever shrinking free time, not all of the items/articles in a given magazine will receive comment, but they will […]

  • Civil War History: Vol. 60, No. 1 (March 2014)

    Editor’s Note This issue marks the 60th year of publication for Civil War History.  It ties in to articles in the first issue written by T. Harry Williams and Douglas Southall Freeman.  A tribute to Robert Johannsen is included.   “Let Us Hear No More ‘Nativism’”: The Catholic Press in the Mexican and Civil Wars […]

  • Confederate Veteran Magazine Available Online

    It looks like many volumes of Confederate Veteran are online in their entirety at the Internet Archives.  I periodically go back to both Google Books and the Internet Archive from time to time to see what has been newly posted, but I’ve been lax lately in that regard.  It looks like most of these were […]

  • Gettysburg Magazine Subscription Drive: Win Three Free Days in Gettysburg!

    Gettysburg Magazine Publisher Andy Turner pointed me in the direction of a fantastic new plan to raise 1,000 new subscriptions to Gettysburg Magazine by December 31, 2011.  Best of all, if you help, you’ll be eligible to win some fantastic prizes! Since Gettysburg Magazine relies on subscribers and does not contain ads, I commend Andy’s […]

  • Citadel Cadets Fire on Star of the West

    Not really, although they did 150 years ago. CHARLESTON, S.C. – Gray-clad cadets from South Carolina’s historic military college fired cannons Saturday on a barren, wind-swept island on Charleston Harbor to re-enact the 150th anniversary of a key episode leading up to the Civil War. The event recalled what some consider the first shots of […]