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  • Civil War Times: Vol. 53, No. 3 (June 2014)

    [TOCWOC Editor’s Note: I’ve decided to again go through the latest issues of Civil War magazines I subscribe to and comment on articles which interest me.  In the interest of protecting what seems to be my ever shrinking free time, not all of the items/articles in a given magazine will receive comment, but they will […]

  • Complete Online Index of Civil War Times (Illustrated)

    I learned this morning via a tweet from Andrew Ferguson that a complete index of Civil War Times, something I had slowly been working on with little progress, is now online!  I’m a little busy today, but I plan to spend some time with this over the next few weeks.   It appears to be an […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: May 1, 2009

    Air Date: 050109 Subject: Popular Civil War Magazines Magazines: Civil War Times & America’s Civil War Guest: Dana Shoaf, Editor of America’s Civil War and Civil War Times Summary: Civil War Magazine Editor Dana Shoaf discusses his two popular Civil War Magazines, America’s Civil War and Civil War Times. Brett’s Summary: Dana Shoaf, editor of […]

  • Civil War Times, Volume 48, Number 3 (June 2009) Posted

    An index and summary of Civil War Times, Volume 48, Number 3 (June 2009) has been posted at the American Civil War Magazines and Journals Index. Did you enjoy this blog entry?  Please consider using the ShareThis feature below to spread the word and Subscribe to TOCWOC’s RSS feed today!

  • EXCELLENT Service at Civil War Times

    As someone who subscribes to and collects many Civil War magazines, I had a pretty crappy experience today at the local Post Office.  The postal employee thought it was a good idea to shove the envelope containing my latest issue of Civil War History into a U shape in my rather small mailbox.  That wasn’t […]

  • Civil War Times, July 2006

    Civil War Times Volume 45, Number 5 (July 2006) Civil War Times Web Site Page 6 Turning Points: Crossing the Mississippi by Jeffry D. Wert The crossing of the Mississippi by Grant’s Army of the Tennessee at Bruinsburg, Mississippi is the focus of this issue’s Turning Points column. Jeffrey Wert discusses Grant’s plan to have […]