Cautiously Back

As I’m sure most people reading this blog figured out, the posts started fast and furious and then died down almost as quickly as it began. I hope to continue posting here on a greatly reduced basis. I take full responsibility and blame for letting the posts falter and then stop. A blog always needs at least one person to step up and be a constant presence. I overestimated my own ability to be that presence. I hope now to post at least once every two weeks. You will generally see magazine summaries and short book reviews, and I hope to spend more time commenting on others’ (much more impressive) Civil War blogs. I’ve just finished Eric Wittenberg’s reassessment of Little Phil Sheridan, and I hope to have a review up later this week. I have also gotten back into the habit of summarizing my Civil War periodicals reading and I hope to have some of these up as blog entries soon as well. I’ve contacted everyone who started this project with me, and it is my hope that at least some of these gentlemen will begin posting as well. I completely understand if some choose not to. In summary, I hope to keep this blog going, but my personal number of posts will be more along the lines of a David Woodbury rather than an Eric Wittenberg, a Drew Wagenhoffer, or a Dimitri Rotov. While I hold no illusions that the quality of my posts will ever rival those of Mr. Woodbury, I do hope I can contribute in my own small way to the level of knowledge in the Civil War blogosphere. It is my further hope that if I can sustain a continued posting pattern, my fellow TOCWOCers can fill in around my posts and make this a useful and informative Civil War blog.





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  1. TomC Avatar

    Just shame into posting something Brett. 🙁

    Don’t feel bad, it took me close to two months to get back into the swing of things on Touch the Elbow. I am going to cross post a recent article that appeared on Touch The Elbow (that I rather liked) tomorrow morning. Hopefully I’ll follow your example and get something in every now and then.

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