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  • New Antietam Civil War Blog: Walking the West Woods

    While going through the Civil War blogosphere last Wednesday with Google Reader like I usually do, I noticed a new Civil War blog, Walking the West Woods (ht to Jim Rosebruck at South From the North Woods), founded by Jim Buchanan, a volunteer at Antietam National Battlefield.  In only his second post, Jim already has […]

  • The Civil War From a British Perspective

    I frequently announce new Civil War blogs here at TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog and add them to the blogroll.  A lot of the Civil War blogs out there try to occupy their own little niche on within our decidely niche topic.  It is with great interest, then, that I learned of a new […]

  • A New(port) Civil War Blog

    Pardon the (pretty bad) pun in the title, but I recently learned of another new Civil War blog, The Newport Barracks (hat tip to Andrew Duppstadt).  Blogger Eric Lindblade is in the process of writing a book on the Battle of Newport Barracks, hence the name of the blog.  I decided to link to Eric’s […]

  • New(ish) American Civil War Blog: American Civil War Essays & Research

    Robert Moore at Cenantua’s Blog recently pointed out a new Civil War blog entitled American Civil War Essays & Research, which is run by Greg Rowe.  In his very first post, Greg writes about his struggle to understand the Civil War and explore what types of biases he may have about the war as a […]

  • 21st Century Abe: A New Web Site for the Lincoln Bicentennial

    Alexis Lerro, the Project Manager and Research Coordinator at 21st Century Abe, a new Lincoln web site created for the Lincoln Bicentennial, recently contacted TOCWOC with some information about the site: PHILADELPHIA — The Rosenbach Museum & Library commemorates Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday with the launch of 21stCenturyAbe.org. The interactive website is now live and […]

  • New Civil War Blog: Everythingcivilwar’s Blog

    We have another new addition to the Civil War blog ranks, Chris Loperfido’s Everythingcivilwar’s Blog.  Chris is a former intern at the Gettysburg National Military Park and is currently working on a book about the letters of Civil War surgeon James D. Benton of the 111th New York.  Join me in welcoming Chris to the […]

  • Renegade South: New Civil War Blog of Author Victoria E. Bynum

    Victoria E. Bynum, author of The Free State of Jones: Mississippi’s Longest Civil War and recent guest on Civil War Talk Radio, has started a new Civil War blog entitled Renegade South (hat tip to Cenantua’s Blog).  The blog, as the name indicates, will focus on Southerners who were opposed to the Confederacy.  Welcome to […]