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  • Interning Learning: A New Civil War Blog

    I’d like to welcome Jared Frederick of Interning Learning: Reflections of a Student Intern at Gettysburg to the Civil War blogosphere (hat tip to John David Hoptak at Civil War Musings).  He’ll be blogging about his internship this summer at Gettysburg National Military Park.  Welcome Jared!  Readers, you will find a link to Interning Learning […]

  • New Civil War Blog: The Civil War Network

    We have another new member of the Civil War Blogosphere, The Civil War Network. The founder of the blog Francis Rose has a background in radio. Naturally then, The Civil War Network will feature Civil War podcasts! This is a GREAT idea and fills a niche within the Civil War blogging community. It looks like […]

  • New Civil War Blog: American Civil War Forum Blog

    Hat tip to Eric Wittenberg for pointing out a new Civil War blog named the American Civil War Forum Blog.  As you might imagine, there is a Civil War forum on the site as well.  Welcome to the Civil War blogosphere!  I’ve added a link in my blogroll as well.  You can access these features […]

  • New Civil War Blog: Student of the Civil War

    I’d like to take a moment to welcome Josh M. over at the new Civil War blog Student of the Civil War.  Josh is a graduate student at Rutgers University.  The blog has been around since February, so a hat tip is due to Tom at Touch the Elbow for discovering this fresh fish.  As […]