Renegade South: New Civil War Blog of Author Victoria E. Bynum

Victoria E. Bynum, author of The Free State of Jones: Mississippi’s Longest Civil War and recent guest on Civil War Talk Radio, has started a new Civil War blog entitled Renegade South (hat tip to Cenantua’s Blog).  The blog, as the name indicates, will focus on Southerners who were opposed to the Confederacy.  Welcome to the Civil War blogosphere Victoria!  Renegade South is in the blogroll located in the right sidebar.





2 responses to “Renegade South: New Civil War Blog of Author Victoria E. Bynum”

  1. Victoria Bynum Avatar

    Thanks so much, Brett, for welcoming me to the Blogosphere! I am enjoying the direct contact with folks interested in the Civil War and the legacies of that war and Southern Unionism more than I ever imagined.

    Am adding your site to my blogroll so that readers can easily navigate back and forth.


  2. admin Avatar


    You’re welcome! I enjoyed your interview with Gerry P. on Civil War Talk Radio. I had heard of the “Free State of Jones”, but that was the extent of my knowledge prior to your talk. Thanks also for the link. I appreciate it!


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