The Civil War From a British Perspective

I frequently announce new Civil War blogs here at TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog and add them to the blogroll.  A lot of the Civil War blogs out there try to occupy their own little niche on within our decidely niche topic.  It is with great interest, then, that I learned of a new Civil War blog called A Slightly Odd View of the American Civil War.  The blog is owned was created by British blogger Bryn (aka 67th Tigers on the Armchair General forums).  Bryn has been involved in a fascinating topic discussing the Trent Affair and possible British reactions had the United States and Great Britain gone to war as a result (more on this thread and one prominent author’s response to come soon here at TOCWOC).  He has prior military experience and his first post gives readers an idea of what to expect:

By way of introduction, my name is Bryn, and I will mostly be posting on the American Civil War. One of my objectives in this is going to try and remove some of the parochialism that sometimes surrounds Americans talking about their most significant war; I hope to bring a “European” view. It helps in this that I’m British, and was once a rather overthinking junior infantry officer. These days I’m conducting research for a PhD in Chemistry at Imperial College (which is currently ranked 5th or 6th in the world ISTR), and so posts may be slightly erratic.

What I intend to publish in the next year or so is:

* A lot of data on the Trent Affair, and some reasoned comparisons of British to Union strengths, plans etc.
* Some analysis on the tactical verities of the ACW, showing that it was in fact a badly fought linear war, rather than a harbringer of the trenches of WW1. In this I suspect I will have to deviate into comparisons with other wars.
*Analysis, using a modified version of Lanchester’s Laws (both linear and square) showing the relative abilities of various commanders etc.
* Various bits of ephemera….

Join me in welcoming Bryn to the Civil War blogosphere!  A Slightly Odd View of the American Civil War is among the links in TOCWOC’s blogroll to the right.  Go check it out!

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