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  • Odds & Ends: May 22, 2008

    No real introduction this time. Let’s get right to a look at Civil War news and info from blogs, other web sites, and newspapers. David Woodbury has an interview up with Victoria Bynum, author of The Free State of Jones. In addition to appearing on DW’s Civil War blog, Dr. Bynum was also a guest […]

  • 14th Military History Carnival Is Up

    The 14th edition of the Military History Carnival is up at Gavin Robinson’s Investigations of a Dog.  There are quite a few Civil War entries this month, including Harry Smeltzer’s multi-part investigation of “Kill Cavalry’s” heirs.  My own review of Christian Keller’s Chancellorsvile and the Germans is also listed as well.  I’ve got a permanent […]

  • Odds & Ends: May 15, 2008

    It’s time again for another round of Odds & Ends. One of the more interesting studies mentions Multiman Publishing plans to start releasing Civil War board games set in the Western Theater and using the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series rules. Pawnderings, a wargaming blog, goes over the interesting history of the […]

  • New(ish) Civil War Blog: American Civil War Stories

    I recently found American Civil War Stories, a Civil War blog I hadn’t seen before.  I don’t have too much information other than that the blog’s owner goes by the name of Tammy.  Tammy, welcome to the Civil War blogosphere!  I’ve added a link over in my blogroll to the right.

  • Civil War Blogs Added to Blogroll

    Like Dimitri Rotov, I like to try to keep my blogroll up to date with ALL currently active Civil War blogs. How long this will be practical remains to be seen, but I’ll keep doing it as long as I can. With that said, I’ve discovered I had left several Civil War centric blogs off […]

  • New Antietam Blog

    It looks like Brian Downey and Mannie Gentile have some new company in regards to Antietam. Stephen Recker, an Antietam Battlefield Guide, has joined the Civil War Blogosphere with his new Virtual Antietam Blog, an adjunct of his web site of the same name. The “About Virtual Antietam” Link leads readers to the following: Virtual […]

  • Welcome to Army of Tennessee, A New Civil War Blog

    Reader Don H. clued me in to the new Army of Tennessee blog today. A group of four Army of Tennessee scholars, Daryl Black, Patrick Lewis, Lee White, Chris Young, have combined to “focus on social history, but not forget battle studies, biographies, and army politics.”  Here’s a link to their first post from early […]