New(ish) Civil War Blog: American Civil War Stories

I recently found American Civil War Stories, a Civil War blog I hadn’t seen before.  I don’t have too much information other than that the blog’s owner goes by the name of Tammy.  Tammy, welcome to the Civil War blogosphere!  I’ve added a link over in my blogroll to the right.






2 responses to “New(ish) Civil War Blog: American Civil War Stories”

  1. Tammy Avatar

    Thank you Brett for the nice introduction of my blog. I’m not a professional just a person that loves to read about the lives of our brave men that fought, visit Civil War historical places and am very proud of my ancestor that fought.

  2. Brett Schulte Avatar


    No problem! I always like to give Civil War bloggers just starting out a shout out to get other people reading them. Again, welcome to the Civil War blogosphere!


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