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  • New To Appomattox Blog Launched (Mini-Series)

    J.D. Petruzzi just posted about a new Civil War blog called To Appomattox.  It’s maintained by Greg Caggiano and Steven Hancock.  The most exciting news for me personally about this project?  Dexter’s Michael C. Hall is cast as Ulysses S. Grant.  Anybody who can convincingly play both a gay funeral parlor director and a blood […]

  • New Civil War Battle Blog: Scott Patchan’s Shenandoah 1864

    I received an email from Facebook tonight which alerted me to Scott C. Patchan’s new battle blog, Shenandoah 1864: The Valley Campaign. Scott is an expert on the lesser known 1864 Valley Campaign, much less covered than its famous 1862 cousin. He has authored three books on the subject, The Forgotten Fury: The Battle of […]

  • Civil War Talk’s Civil War Blog Reader Forum

    I subscribe to a large number of blogs using Google Reader.  One of the searches I do finds links to TOCWOC’s URL, and it was in the results of this search that I first came across Civil War Talk’s “Civil War Blog Reader” forum.  Excerpts and links from various Civil War blogs are posted in […]

  • A Little Known Way to Read ALL Civil War Blogs in One Place

    Since Dimitri Rotov first launched his Civil War Bookshelf blog in 2003, the number of Civil War blogs in the Civil War blogosphere has exploded.  I currently follow no less than 65 Civil War or Civil War related blogs as of mid-July 2008.  As you might imagine, that is a lot of information to find, […]

  • Student of the Civil War Blog is No More

    Josh M. at Student of the Civil War decided to retire the blog and move the Civil War content to his other blog Publius.  Good luck Josh.

  • Civil War Blogs Seach

    I just wanted to point out the new Google search I’ve created over in the right sidebar.  The “Civil War Blogs Search” allows readers to search for a topic among all the Civil War blogs you see over in my Civil War blogroll.  Type in a topic and you will see results from the Civil […]

  • Join the Civil War Top 100

    Many of the readers of this blog are Civil War bloggers or perhaps run a Civil War web site.  If so, I encourage you to check out Chris Wehner’s Civil War Top 100 web site.  Chris was kind enough to take over the maintenance of this page from me several years ago. What is a […]