14th Military History Carnival Is Up

The 14th edition of the Military History Carnival is up at Gavin Robinson’s Investigations of a Dog.  There are quite a few Civil War entries this month, including Harry Smeltzer’s multi-part investigation of “Kill Cavalry’s” heirs.  My own review of Christian Keller’s Chancellorsvile and the Germans is also listed as well.  I’ve got a permanent link to the Military History Carnival as well as the History Carnival up over in the right sidebar.  I encourage you all to take a look.  There are a TON of great blog entries highlighted on these sites.  If you like a post here at TOCWOC or on any of the other Civil War blogs, be sure to nominate them for the carnivals. As I told Harry the other day, I’m going to make it a point to nominate at least one Civil War entry from my fellow Civil War bloggers’ blogs for each carnival.  It’s a really good way to increase readership of all the Civil War blogs!


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