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Many of the readers of this blog are Civil War bloggers or perhaps run a Civil War web site.  If so, I encourage you to check out Chris Wehner’s Civil War Top 100 web site.  Chris was kind enough to take over the maintenance of this page from me several years ago.

What is a top site, I know some of you must be asking.  The explanation is simple.  A top site page counts the number of times your site receives a “hit” from someone who views the site.  The site with the largest number of “hits” resides in the top spot on the Civil War Top 100 site.  Sites move up and down throughout the day as more and more hits are tabulated.

Okay, you’re saying, that’s great, but what’s the point?  There are several.  Top sites allow users to quickly find a plethora of links on their topic of interest, in our case the Civil War.  More importantly for members of the site, it allows their sites to receive exposure they otherwise wouldn’t receive, thus increasing all-important traffic to your site.  Top sites then work in much the same way other methods of exposure such as web rings and blog carnivals do.  If you increase traffic, you increase the number of people reading your blog or looking at your web site on an everyday basis.

Another nice feature is the stats area, available to all viewers.  You can see what types of hits each site has been getting lately, leave comments, and even rank the sites on a scale of 1-5.  Here are the stats from TOCWOC as an example.

Interested yet?  If, so I encourage you all to join the Civil War Top 100.  Several of my fellow bloggers are there already, including the good group of Professors at Civil Warriors, Drew Wagenhoffer at Civil War Books and Authors, Harry Smeltzer at Bull Runnings, the trio at Touch the Elbow, Rene Tyree at wig-wags, and Maggiemac at Civil War Women, who currently puts the guys to shame with her daily hits!





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