A. Lincoln Blog Returns!

I was disappointed when Brian Dirck shut down his excellent and self-explanatory A. Lincoln Blog.  Well, good news everyone!  Brian is back and promising to post but at a reduced but steady rate, much like I did earlier this year.  I never removed Brian’s blog from my Civil War blogroll, so feel free to continue accessing A. Lincoln Blog and seeing new content once again.





2 responses to “A. Lincoln Blog Returns!”

  1. elektratig Avatar

    Thanks for the tip, Brett. I would not have checked otherwise. It’s a good thing that Brian did not erase his blog, as he originally threatened to do, isn’t it?


  2. admin Avatar

    LOL. Yes, it is definitely a good thing! The only reason I caught Brian’s return was due to my RSS feed subscription. I’m loving NewsGator. It works really well.


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