862dr: Confederate Army of the West 30 June 1862

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                  Confederate Army of the West 
                          30 June 1862

Commanding Officer: Major General J.P.McCown
1st Division: Brigadier General H. Little
     1st Brigade: Brigadier General E. Gates
          16th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
          1st Missouri Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
          2nd Missouri Infantry Regiment
          3rd Missouri Infantry Regiment
          Battalion Missouri Infantry 
          Wade's Battery
     2nd Brigade: Brigadier General P.O.Hebert
          3rd Louisiana Infantry Regiment
          14th Arkansas Infantry Regiment          
          17th Arkansas Infantry Regiment          
          Whitfield's Texas Legion Cavalry (dismounted)
          Greer's Texas Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
          MacDonald's Battery
     3rd Brigade: Brigadier General M.E.Green
          4th Missouri Infantry  Regiment
          Battalion Missouri Infantry  
          Battalion Missouri Cavalry (dismounted)          
          Confederate Rangers Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
          King's Battery 
2nd Division: Major General J.P.McCown
     1st Brigade: Brigadier General W.L.Cabell
          McCray's Arkansas Infantry Regiment 
          14th Texas Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
          10th Texas Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
          11th Texas Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
          Andrew's Texas Infantry Regiment
          Good's Battery  
     2nd Brigade: Brigadier General T.J.Churchill
          4th Arkansas Infantry Regiment 
          1st Arkansas Riflemen (dismounted)
          2nd Arkansas Riflemen (dismounted)
          4th Arkansas Infantry Battalion
          Turnbull's Arkansas Infantry Battalion
          Reves' Missouri Scouts
          Humphrey's Battery 
3rd Division: Major General D.H.Maury
     1st Brigade: Brigadier General J.L. Hogg
               (Colonel T.P.Dockerty)
          18th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
          19th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
          McCaver's Arkansas Infantry Battalion
          Jones' Arkansas Infantry Battalion
     2nd Brigade: Brigadier General J.C.Moore
          Hobbs' Arkansas Infantry Regiment 
          Adams' Arkansas Infantry Regiment 
          35th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
          2nd Texas Infantry Regiment
          Bledsoe's Battery
     3rd Brigade: Brigadier General C.W.Phifer
          3rd Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (Dismounted)
          6th Texas Cavalry Regiment (Dismounted)
          9th Texas Cavalry Regiment (Dismounted)
          Brook's Battalion
          McNally's Battery

Reserve Artillery:
          Hoxton's Battery
          Landis' Battery
          Guibor's Battery
          Brown's Battery

          Forrest's Cavalry Regiment
          Webb's Cavalry Squadron
          Savery's Cavalry Company
          McCulloch's Cavalry Regiment
          Price's Body Guard

U.S.  War Department, The War of the Succession, 
A Compilation of Official Records of the Union and 
Confederate Armies,  Government Printing Office; 
Washington D.C. 1882

Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection


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