POLL: Best Brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia?

Which brigade was the best brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia?

So, which brigade deserves that title?  I’m keeping the definition of “best” purposefully vague.  Use the criteria which you think define “best” to make one, and only one vote below.  I’ve got an agenda here, I’ll freely admit.  I want to see what the results below say before coming out with a related follow-up post.  But before I follow up, I need YOU to vote and help me out!

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5 responses to “POLL: Best Brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia?”

  1. Phil Leigh Avatar
    Phil Leigh

    I voted for the Texas Brigade, but it is important to recognize that it included the Third Arkansas Regiment, which was the only regiment in Lee’s army from Arkansas.

  2. Tim VanScoy Avatar
    Tim VanScoy

    Kershaw’s brigade.

  3. Jeff Felton Avatar
    Jeff Felton

    Ramseur’s Brigade.

  4. Daniel G. Avatar
    Daniel G.

    McGowan’s Brigade of South Carolina. Steller on both the attack and defense and never had a sorid engament. Solid brigade from 1862 until Appomattox. Best ANV brigade.

  5. M.Griffin Avatar

    The Florida Brigade. “A Small but Spartan Band”.

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