New TOCWOC Poll: How Old Are You?

I’ve replaced the old poll in the left sidebar asking about the posts you enjoy reading (results and comments coming soon) with a new poll asking your age.  Why?  The stereotype is that those studying the Civil War are older males (gender poll coming soon), while those who do crazy newfangled things like read blogs are younger.  So how old is someone who does BOTH?  I’m 30 years old at this point, so I’m kind of in that middle ground where I’m neither young nor old necessarily.  I’m also just curious to see how many younger readers we have here at TOCWOC.  I’m always trying to get kids involved in the study of the Civil War (in real life more than on this blog), so if this poll indicates a lot of younger people read TOCWOC, it might indicate the need to devote some energy to that demographic.  Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough for a poll entry.  Tell me your age!

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    🙂 I definitely will be doing a gender poll in the near future!


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