New TOCWOC Poll: What type of post(s) do you enjoy reading?

I recently installed the WP-Polls WordPress plugin.  This plugin allows the posting of polls in both blog posts and in the sidebar.  In this case, I’ll be posting polls in the top left corner of the left sidebar and I will occasionally add a new one in blog entries like this one.  My first blog poll asks you the reader what type of blog post(s) you enjoy the most.  Feel free to vote either in this blog entry or in the polls area of the left sidebar.  You may choose as many answers as you like.

[poll id=”2″]

I’ve seen polls used by some other blogs I subscribe to, so I hope it will be of some use here.

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6 responses to “New TOCWOC Poll: What type of post(s) do you enjoy reading?”

  1. Jim Beeghley Avatar

    I keep getting a Please Select a Valid Poll Answer error regardless of which one(s) I select.


  2. admin Avatar


    Interesting, and I’m glad you posted. I’m using this as much to troubleshoot the plugin as for anything else to start. What browser are you using? Also, do you allow cookies in your browser settings? If not, I think this may not work correctly.

  3. Jim Schmidt Avatar

    Brett – Polls can be interesting, indeed…I chose an answer but after I pressed “Vote,” it gave me a “please choose a valid answer” pop-up…as another note, it’s not one of the choices on your poll, but my favorite thing on a blog is when the blogger posts original research.

    All My Best,

    Jim Schmidt

  4. admin Avatar


    “Original research” is a topic I enjoy reading about too. The blogger here who comes closest to that is Fred Ray. In fact, I think I’ll add that as another choice now.

    I hope to one day start looking at the Petersburg Campaign about 1/100th as well as Harry Smeltzer currently does with First Bull Run, but that day is a long ways away.

  5. Jim Beeghley Avatar


    I’m using Firefox 3 and Safari on my Mac. I get the same answer on both with cookies enabled.


  6. admin Avatar


    Thanks for the info. I’ll visit the WP-Polls support forum and see if Macs are a problem. I use Firefox 3 all the time so that shouldn’t be an issue.

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