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  • Old Blog Posts From Brett Schulte’s Blog Added

    Just a quick note. From September 2005-February 2007, I ran the now defunct American Civil War Gaming & Reading blog. I figured out how to get the old blog entries imported into this blog, and I have done so for entries from September 2o05-June 2006. I unfortunately cannot find an archived importable file for posts […]

  • Frank Hunter’s “From Sumter to Appomattox”: A Free Download

    Frank Hunter is said to be designing a new Civil War Strategy game for Matrix Games. For those of you wondering what a Frank Hunter game is like, I have good news for you. His earlier effort on the Civil War, “From Sumter to Appomattox”, is available as a FREE download. Get it HERE.

  • Welcome to the Tredegar Iron Works

    For the past decade, Civil War Strategy games have been pretty much non-existent. This all changed in November 2006 with the release of Forge of Freedom by Matrix Games and Western Civilization. At the same time, AGEOD, a French company created by Philippe Thibaut (inventor of historical videogames Europa Universalis™, Pax Romana™ and Great Invasions™), […]

  • Matrix Games Planning Four Civil War Titles

    I somehow missed this thread at Matrix Games discussing their upcoming Civil War output. Here is the latest list of games Civil War gamers should expect to see from Matrix in the near future, courtesy of Erik Rutins of the Matrix staff: 1. Forge Of Freedom from Western Civilization Software (Grand Strategy, based on a […]