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Welcome to the Tredegar Iron Works

For the past decade, Civil War Strategy games have been pretty much non-existent.
This all changed in November 2006 with the release of Forge
of Freedom
by Matrix Games and
Western Civilization.
At the same time, AGEOD, a French company
created by Philippe Thibaut (inventor of historical videogames Europa Universalis™,
Pax Romana™ and Great Invasions™), announced it was creating an
American Civil War game based on the widely acclaimed Birth
of America
engine. Two other Civil War strategy games, one by Frank
Hunter of From Sumter to
fame and the other by 2by3
(creators of the World at War engine), are rumored to be in the works
as well.

With this influx of new Civil War strategy games, it makes sense to create
a fan site for all of them which contains patches, mods, After Action Reports,
and tutorials. This fan site is called the “Tredegar Iron Works”
(TIR for short), and it will eventually contain all of the extras and support
for all of the games described above. If you would like to help or you
have suggestions on how to make this site better, do not hesitate to contact
us at ( ).


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