Matrix Games Planning Four Civil War Titles

I somehow missed this thread at Matrix Games discussing their upcoming Civil War output. Here is the latest list of games Civil War gamers should expect to see from Matrix in the near future, courtesy of Erik Rutins of the Matrix staff:

1. Forge Of Freedom from Western Civilization Software (Grand Strategy, based on a massively updated Crown of Glory engine) – Great game based on the beta, should release this Summer
2. Battleground Civil War (an updated compilation of all the TalonSoft ACW titles in one package) – Should release this Summer
2. Gary Grigsby’s American Civil War from 2by3 Games (Grand Strategy, based on a massively updated GGWAW engine) – Excellent game based on the alpha, should release Q1 2007
3. Frank Hunter’s ACW – This is farther off, but will be Frank’s take on ACW grand strategyI think ACW gamers will have a lot to enjoy here and from what I’ve seen FoF and GGACW will complement each other as each has a different approach to grand strategy. I’m sure some will prefer one or the other, but you really need to try both.


– Erik

In addition, Joel Billings of the World At War team produced the screenshot you see below. Left-click on the thumbnail for more detail.


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