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by Brett Schulte on September 18, 2007 · 0 comments

Just a quick note.

From September 2005-February 2007, I ran the now defunct American Civil War Gaming & Reading blog. I figured out how to get the old blog entries imported into this blog, and I have done so for entries from September 2o05-June 2006. I unfortunately cannot find an archived importable file for posts from July 2006-February 2007, so I may add those entries slowly over the next several months.

From December 2006-February 2007, I ran the now defunct web site called the Tredegar Iron Works. I was able to retrieve my posts from this blog and they now appear on the original dates they were posted. If anyone is interested in AGEOD’s American Civil War, Forge of Freedom, Frank Hunter’s Civil War game, or WAW: Civil War by Gary Grigsby, feel free to check out the posts from that time frame.

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