Get Maps of Gettysburg on Kindle for Only $3.99!

Savas Beatie, one of the very best Civil War book publishers out there, is running a can’t miss deal for Kindle users.  Click to read more about how to purchase the Kindle version of Maps of Gettysburg for only $3.99.  If you know this deal is for you and you want to buy right now, here’s the direct link to Amazon.  But hurry!  This deal is only good until the end of January 2012.  For those of you who take S-B up on their offer, I’d love to hear how the maps look on your Kindle in the comments section below.


2 responses to “Get Maps of Gettysburg on Kindle for Only $3.99!”

  1. Sarah Keeney Avatar

    Thanks Brett. We appreciate your helping spreading the word about this offer.

    We’ve had so many inquiries from customers asking how the maps in our Military Atlas Series look digitally, we took our map book for the most popular Civil War campaign (The Maps of Gettysburg, with 146 full color maps) and set up an exclusive deal with Amazon to show you what these maps look like digitally, for a limited time download price of $3.99.

    Enjoy, All, and we’d love to hear what you think!


  2. Ted Savas Avatar

    Thanks a lot, Brett. As a reader just reminded us on Facebook, this is really NOT LIMITED TO KINDLE: “If a publication is available through Amazon/Kindle Store, then it can be accessed with the Kindle app on iOS and Android systems. That means you can get anything in your Kindle archive on all of your devices and if they were printed in color, you get that as well.”

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