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  • Get Maps of Gettysburg on Kindle for Only $3.99!

    Savas Beatie, one of the very best Civil War book publishers out there, is running a can’t miss deal for Kindle users.  Click to read more about how to purchase the Kindle version of Maps of Gettysburg for only $3.99.  If you know this deal is for you and you want to buy right now, […]

  • Maps of Gettysburg “Trailer” Released by Savas-Beatie

    Savas-Beatie, the best non-academic publisher of Civil War books in the game today, recently released another “book trailer”, this time on their wildly successful book The Maps of Gettysburg by Bradley Gottfried, now in full color.  Check it out below or at YouTube:

  • How To Read Three Gettysburg Books At Once

    Sometimes books just go together well, doing in tandem what each individually is incapable of alone. This definitely applies to the three books I’ll be discussing today. Bradley Gottfried’s books The Maps of Gettysburg and Brigades of Gettysburg obviously can be used together. Throw in Larry Tagg’s The Generals of Gettysburg and you have a […]