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  • The Bristoe Campaign for Only $3.03 on Kindle!

    In preparation for an upcoming post on Civil War book acquisitions, I noticed another incredibly cheap but interesting book for Amazon Kindle.  Adrian Tighe’s book on the post-Gettysburg Bristoe Campaign in the fall of 1863 is the only modern study of this completely forgotten subject, and it’s available for only $3.03 on Amazon Kindle!  Keep […]

  • Get Maps of Gettysburg on Kindle for Only $3.99!

    Savas Beatie, one of the very best Civil War book publishers out there, is running a can’t miss deal for Kindle users.  Click to read more about how to purchase the Kindle version of Maps of Gettysburg for only $3.99.  If you know this deal is for you and you want to buy right now, […]

  • Reading Abe Lincoln on the Kindle

    Mike Kienzler at the always interesting Abraham Lincoln Observer has a blog entry up concerning Abraham Lincoln related literature available on Amazon’s new Kindle reader.  As Mike relates, what Amazon promises regarding Abe and what they actually deliver offers up mixed results.  Go check it out! I was also interested to note that Barnes & […]