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I’ve been looking into buying a Kindle for use with the thousands of Civil War books which are out of copyright, and in the process of doing that research, I discovered I could “publish” my Civil War blogs with Kindle to allow subscriptions via that product.  For a small monthly fee, you can have TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog delivered right to your Kindle device.  So if you’re a fan of TOCWOC and you’re looking for an even easier way to read the latest on TOCWOC posts on the American Civil War, check it out today!





5 responses to “Have a Kindle? Subscribe to TOCWOC Today!”

  1. Robert Taubman Avatar
    Robert Taubman

    I have a Kindle, but I live in Canada and I can not receive your Kindle posts. Funny thing that Free Trade.

    1. admin Avatar


      That stinks! I noticed when I subscribed that I had to agree to terms and conditions for the U.S. and Great Britain. I’m kind of surprised Amazon doesn’t allow Canadians to subscribe. Seems like a lost opportunity to me…


  2. Mark Nelms Avatar
    Mark Nelms

    Great news Brett. Signed up and looking forward to getting this on my Kindle!

  3. admin Avatar


    Cool! Let me know how it looks. Also, how do you like the Kindle? I’m trying to decide between the Nook and Kindle, and I don’t like that the Kindle doesn’t support the EPUB format so prevalent on Google Books, which is where I do most of my primary source research lately.


  4. Mark Nelms Avatar
    Mark Nelms

    Love the Kindle, read more then ever. I like that it looks like a printed page and does not give the eye strain that a back lit screen will do, which I think includes the IPad and the Nook Color. You can check out Calibre (google it) and see if it will convert EPuB to the Kindle format. Haven’t tried it myself. I do know that you can get Kindle formatted books from the Gutenberg project.

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