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  • Free Access to Fold3’s Civil War Collection (limited time)

    Business pressures and tax time have not left much for blogging, for which I apologize. Have some posts in the works, but until then here’s something from Fold3 that might interest readers. For a very limited time (until April 15th) Fold3 has their entire Civil War collection available for free access (you do have to […]

  • Picketing, Skirmishing, and Sharpshooting in the Civil War

    My essay on Picketing, Skirmishing, and Sharpshooting in the Civil War is up at Essential Civil War Curriculum, a Sesquicentennial project of the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies at Virginia Tech. Primary sponsors are Dr. James I. (Bud) Robertson and Professor William C. (Jack) Davis, both Professors at Virginia Tech. The security of an […]

  • Possible Project on Confederate Weapons by Regiment

    UPDATE: I’ve thought this over and I should be able to set space aside on my TOCWOC blog, creating a home page for this effort, and make someone(s) editor(s) to add pages and keep things updated.  Any takers? *** Let me be clear up front that what I’m about to say is an idea only, and […]

  • Quiner Scrapbooks at the Wisconsin Historical Society Online

    In my recent web wanderings searching for Siege of Petersburg material, I came across a fantastic resource on Wisconsin Civil War military units at the Wisconsin Historical Society web site.  The ten volume “Quiner Scarpbooks” contain letters from Wisconsin soldiers which were printed in newspapers during the war.  The Wisconsin Historical Society allows you to […]

  • Reply to Spengler

    David P. Goldman is something of a polymath – scholar, investment banker, musicologist, and pundit. In the latter capacity, under the handle Spengler, he has written on a variety of subjects, including the Civil War. There, unfortunately, he comes off as being rather uninformed. Indeed one is tempted to use the characterization of Noam Chomsky […]

  • D. S. Freeman’s 4 Vol. Robert E. Lee Biography FREE Online

    The internet can be indescribably awesome sometimes.  This is one of those times.  A recent thread posted at the Civil War Talk message board informed readers that Douglas Southall Freeman’s classic four volume biography of Robert E. Lee is online in its entirety, free, indexed, and searchable.  All 4 volumes.  All 2421 pages.  Simply amazing. […]

  • Short Takes

    It’s Black History Month, so let’s take a look at the African-American volunteers from Connecticut. It shows the two views of black soldiery. One legislator opined that the authorizing legislation was the most disgraceful bill ever introduced into the Connecticut Legislature,” Democratic Rep. William W. Eaton of Hartford said he “would rather let loose the wild […]