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  • Shock Troops on Kindle!

    It’s done, finally. I have had Shock Troops of the Confederacy ported over to Kindle format and it’s now ready for download at only $9.99. It’s a big download but I and my conversion guy spent considerable time seeing that everything made the transition correctly. In spite of what you may hear, it’s not a […]

  • Shock Troops of the Kindles?

    I got an email message from a reader who wanted to know if I had any plans to put Shock Troops of the Confederacy on Kindle or something similar. He is moving and has been put on “a paper and printing diet.” I’ve lived that way in certain times and places, where you just can’t […]

  • Have a Kindle? Subscribe to TOCWOC Today!

    I’ve been looking into buying a Kindle for use with the thousands of Civil War books which are out of copyright, and in the process of doing that research, I discovered I could “publish” my Civil War blogs with Kindle to allow subscriptions via that product.  For a small monthly fee, you can have TOCWOC […]