George Nafziger Civil War Order of Battle Collection Hosted at TOCWOC

by Brett Schulte on May 16, 2010 · 0 comments

Many of you who receive TOCWOC’s feed via email or in a reader are probably wondering what the explosion of Orders of Battle posts was tonight.  I’m happy to announce that George Nafziger’s massive collection of almost 1000 Civil War orders of battle will be slowly posted at TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog on my new George Nafziger Civil War Order of Battle Page.

I apologize for the rush of ten posts at once, but my goal was to get all of the 1861 orders of battle posted tonight.  Future flurries of posts will probably occur on weekends, and I’ll try to spread them out so as not to overwhelm you via email or in your feed readers.  I also hope to eventually offer these oobs as zipped sets of text and pdf files.

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                 Confederate Army of Shenandoah                           30 June 1861  Commanding Officer: Brigadier General J.E.Johnston  1st Brigade: Colonel T.J.Jackson      2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment      4th Virginia Infantry Regiment      5th Virginia Infantry Regiment      27th Virginia Infantry Regiment      Pendelton's Battery 2nd Brigade: Colonel F.S.Bartow      7th Georgia Infantry Regiment      8th Georgia Infantry Regiment      9th Georgia Infantry Regiment      Duncan's Kentucky Battalion      Pope's Kentucky Battalion      Alburtis's Battery 3rd Brigade: Brigadier General B.E.Bee      4th Alabama Infantry Regiment      2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment      11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment      1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment      Imboden's Battery 4th Brigade: Colonel A. Elzey      1st Maryland Infantry Battalion      3rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment      10th Virginia Infantry Regiment      13th Virginia Infantry Regiment      Grove's Battery Not Brigaded:      1st Virginia Cavalry Regiment      33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment  J.G.Nicolay, The Outbreak of the Rebellion, New York, l901 
Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collectionmy of Shenandoah 30 June 1861

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