Complete Online Index of Civil War Times (Illustrated)

I learned this morning via a tweet from Andrew Ferguson that a complete index of Civil War Times, something I had slowly been working on with little progress, is now online!  I’m a little busy today, but I plan to spend some time with this over the next few weeks.   It appears to be an incredible resource for researchers and should save me some serious time when looking for Petersburg Campaign articles for Beyond the Crater: The Petersburg Campaign Online.





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  1. Sarah Winch Avatar

    Great news for us researchers! Thank you for the tip!

  2. jane Avatar

    I have copies of The Civil War Times Illustrated from 1962-1983. Anyone interested in them?

    1. Joe Glidewell Avatar
      Joe Glidewell

      Jane; I would be very interested in them. Let me know what you are wanting for them etc. My email is Look forward hearing from you. Thanks; Joe G.

  3. Carol Avatar

    I have the hardback volumes of The Civil War Times Illustrate, Volumes I-XX.
    Make me an offer.


    1. joe Glidewell Avatar
      joe Glidewell

      Carol; Was looking for the individual magazines rather than those in the bound form. Thanks for the information. Joe G.

  4. James M. Gilliss Avatar
    James M. Gilliss

    I am trying to get a copy of the Isabel Carter’s (Civil) Wartime Journal that was published in the Civil War Times Illustrated prior to 2000. Perhaps also there is an interview with a Virginia news paper from before 1930.
    I found reference to the journal in a letter/ critique written by a US Parks historian which is located at the link below.

    I believe that the author, Isabel Carter, is my great great aunt, Isabel F. Carter, born in Fauquier County Virginia around 16 Feb.1851.
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    James M. Gilliss,
    grandson of Isabel T. Carter Gilliss who was born in 1876, also in Fauquier County.


  5. Pat Rooney Avatar
    Pat Rooney

    In 1987-1988 I was published as a high school student in an open letter to the magazine about a reenactment I participated in of the Battle of Cedar Key. I never received a copy of said issue and I want to buy that copy. If anyone has the issue, I don’t know exact month or year, but in 87-88 my name is Pat Rooney, I want it.

  6. Timothy Harr Avatar
    Timothy Harr

    I had quite a few copies of CWTI. Wife wanted me to get rid of some unfortunately. I kept some. Had to do the same with America’s Civil War and Civil War Quarterly.Kept a lot of ones with articles I liked. I’d been subscribing to CWTI since the 1980’s or 1990’s. Not sure how far back I have some issues from as we have some things in boxes still haven’t opened when we moved in 2008. Would be interesting to find out. Too bad I couldn’t find some type of album to put them in. I know some people do that.

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