Campaign Franklin is Updated to v1.08

HPS Simulations has announced that Campaign Franklin has been updated to v1.08.  Designer Rich Walker changed the names of all of the scenarios in the game with this update, so people applying the update are advised to remove all scenario files from your hard drive before applying the new patch.

The following list details the changes to this version of Campaign Franklin:


You should delete all SCN files before applying patch 1.08 as all scenario
files have been reworked and renamed. Note that current games will be

Changes for Campaign Franklin 1.08
– Weather scenarios have been added.
– A/I Challenge scenarios have been added.
– Dual graphics has been added and all scenarios can be configured for
either default Winter or Spring graphics.
– AI firing is now by stack instead of by unit.
– Activate AI when under Manual control now only activates AI Firing and
not AI Movement.
– Added new Ammo Artillery by Cannon optional rule.
– Added ability to specify alternative arrival hexes for a reinforcement.
– Added Alternate Melee Resolution rule which separates melees into
separate phase.
– Added fix for Uncrewed or Spiked artillery spotting enemy units.
– Added toolbar button for Command Range.
– Added new Proportional Opportunity Fire Optional Rule that causes
Opportunity Fire generated by firing units to be more proportional to
the total strength of the units firing.
– Added new Parameter Data value that controls when artillery crews are
– Added new Alternate Fixed Unit release Optional Rule that releases Fixed
units within 5 hexes of an enemy unit regardless of Line-of-Sight to that
– Fix for some screensavers causing game to go blank.


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One response to “Campaign Franklin is Updated to v1.08”

  1. Coly Hope Avatar

    We’ve come a long way from the days of blocks shooting dots at other blocks.

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