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  • Last Official Patch For Ageod’s American Civil War Released

    The last official patch for Ageod’s American Civil War, v1.15, has been released and is available at Ageod’s web site.  The patch fixes any remaining major bugs and comes in at a hefty 120 MB for the download.  Please note that this patch is NOT comprehensive.  You must update to v1.14 first prior to applying […]

  • HPS Simulations Patches Campaign Peninsula and Campaign Ozark

    On September 18, 2009, HPS Simulations released patches for Campaign Peninsula and Campaign Ozark. Campaign Peninsula has been patched to version 1.05. Campaign Ozark has been patched to version 1.08. The following changes were made to Campaign Peninsula: NOTE: Starting with this version, no CD-check is performed by the main program and all documentation is […]

  • Campaign Franklin is Updated to v1.08

    HPS Simulations has announced that Campaign Franklin has been updated to v1.08.  Designer Rich Walker changed the names of all of the scenarios in the game with this update, so people applying the update are advised to remove all scenario files from your hard drive before applying the new patch. The following list details the […]

  • HPS Patches Campaign Shiloh and Campaign Chickamauga

    I missed the fact that HPS Simulations released patches for Campaign Shiloh and Campaign Chickamauga over the Memorial Day weekend. Campaign Shiloh has been patched to version 1.06.  Click to read the list of changes to Campaign Shiloh, or check out the changes below: Changes for Campaign Shiloh 1.06 New weather scenarios added Dual graphics […]

  • Short Takes

    Real world has been intruding again, leaving little time for blogging. Nevertheless… A group of academics, some of them historians, urged President Obama not to lay a wreath at the Confederate memorial in Arlington on Memorial Day. One of them was James McPherson. Now my opinion of McP has been declining for a while, as […]

  • Gary Grigsby’s War Between the States Patched to Version 1.040

    Gary Grigbsy’s War Between the States has been patched to version 1.040.  Get the 1.040 update HERE.

  • Three Civil War Computer Games Patched

    Recent patches have come out for three Civil War computer games.  Forge of Freedom from Western Civilization and Matrix Games has been updated to version 1.12.2.  Campaign Atlanta from HPS Simulations has been updated to version 1.03.  HPS’ newest Civil War game, Campaign Chancellorsville, is now at version 1.01. Check out more Civil War computer […]