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  • Campaign Franklin is Updated to v1.08

    HPS Simulations has announced that Campaign Franklin has been updated to v1.08.  Designer Rich Walker changed the names of all of the scenarios in the game with this update, so people applying the update are advised to remove all scenario files from your hard drive before applying the new patch. The following list details the […]

  • HPS Patches Campaign Franklin & Campaign Shiloh

    HPS Simulations released patches for two games in the Civil War Battles series on December 15, 2005. Campaign Franklin (v1.05) and Campaign Shiloh (v1.02) were updated. The patch for Campaign Franklin is available at http://www.hpssims.com/Pages/updates/up_Civil_War/up_CivWar.html#FRANKLIN and contains the following changes: Changes for Campaign Franklin 1.05 – Adjusted PDT files to eliminate Line formation rear movement […]