TOCWOC Reader Tools: TOCWOC Sitemap

Note: This post is one of a series on TOCWOC Reader Tools,  tools which allow you the reader to better navigate through what is a rapidly growing blog to find/do exactly what you came here for.

Do you like what you see here at TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog but you’re not sure what you want to look at next?  The TOCWOC Sitemap is a great way to browse through *every* page and post ever created here at TOCWOC.  The Sitemap is located in the menu at the top of every single TOCWOC screen.  Pages on the sitemap are broken down in outline style, with sub-pages indented slightly.  Use the “find” feature on your browser to search for a specific item if you feel so inclined.  You might also find some content in the pages section which you never knew existed.  Since beginning TOCWOC, I have started to “roll over” quite a bit of my other Civil War content, including my Civil War books collection, my Civil War wargames mods web sites, and my Regimental Level OOBs, to name a few.  Give it a shot!

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