Permanent Page for sfcdan’s Excellent Campaign Studies at History Forum

Long time History Channel forum poster sfcdan has done quite a few multi-post campaign sketches on the History Channel forum.  These posts are a nice change of pace from the constant quarrels over slavery that appear there endlessly, day after day.

I thought it might be a nice idea to collect sfcdan’s posts at one location in order to make it easier for others to quickly get to these without having to search.  The new permanent page for sfcdan’s History Forum Civil War Campaign Sketches is now up and ready to be viewed.  Click on the links for the various campaigns and they will take you to subpages, each of which gives the exact links for each of the many posts sfcdan has done over the years.

Here’s a list of the campaigns and other subjects sfcdan has covered (with links):


3 responses to “Permanent Page for sfcdan’s Excellent Campaign Studies at History Forum”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Brett– none of your links go anywhere. . . ?

  2. admin Avatar


    They should (and they do when I click on them here) take you to permanent landing pages for each campaign, featuring in many cases a nicely formatted Word document which includes images. The other links on each page are links directly to the posts on the History Channel forum web site.

  3. admin Avatar

    Also, if you click the “sfcdan’s History Forum Civil War Campaign Sketches” link near the top it will take you to the permanent landing page for these campaign studies, which looks a lot like this post and which may have caused some of the confusion.

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