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  • From the Engineer Depot – The James River Bridge debate

    Bridging the James River was a monumental task and its successful completion led to much disagreement over who was responsible for it. Both the Regular Battalion and the volunteers sought to claim the bulk of the work. LTC Spaulding, reporting for the volunteers, claims that he arrived at 8:00 a.m. on June 14, 1864 to […]

  • An Engineer talks Fredericksburg

    As forewarned I will make my first blog on my pet project; engineers. This little seen letter comes from Captain Ira Spaulding of the 50th New York Engineers. It describes his experiences at Fredericksburg. Head quarters Detachment of the 50th NY Engineers Opposite Fredericksburg, December 20th (?), 1862 My dear Dunklee, I have just received […]

  • Permanent Page for sfcdan’s Excellent Campaign Studies at History Forum

    Long time History Channel forum poster sfcdan has done quite a few multi-post campaign sketches on the History Channel forum.  These posts are a nice change of pace from the constant quarrels over slavery that appear there endlessly, day after day. I thought it might be a nice idea to collect sfcdan’s posts at one […]

  • Civil War Times Illustrated, September 2006

    Civil War Times Volume 45, Number 7 (September 2006) Civil War Times Web Site Page 7 Turning Points: Dr. Letterman’s War by Jeffry D. Wert Army surgeon Jonathan K. Letterman instituted a system to expedite removal of wounded from the field of battle to hospitals and medical stations.  Appointed medical director of the Army of […]